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Back To My Roots believes in the good old fashioned luxurious way. Our products offer wide ranges of natural ingredients. Never compromising quality, all products are individually handcrafted with special attention to detail. The beauty of our products being handmade, means no two products look exactly the same creating unique experiences each time. Everything is weighed to ensure same great quality and quantity. Our product ranges are designed to suit the needs of the entire family whilst being affordable. No nasty hidden ingredients so you can be sure you are in good hands and covered shower, bath and beyond with cruelty free products. Feel free to put your mind at ease whilst we care for you inside & out.

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I am totally impressed with the Yoni oil. Such familiar aromas that let you know you are experiencing pure oils, chosen very carefully. Love the smell, I use it on my body also. I'm loving. it. (Yoni Oil)

All I can say is....get this. The fragrance is amazing, I have been using it daily. It doesnt cause dryness, it keeps the yoni fresh all day.
Also having knowing that I am using a natural product is reassurance. Great Product +++ (Yoni Bar)

Melanie (Etsy)


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