BTMR Yoni Bar is all natural and pure luxury care for your yoni. Stop using shop bought soaps and shower gels full of harmful chemicals that creates a horrible environment for your yoni. Keep your yoni sweet, balanced and cared for naturally. The aloe vera used in our bars are organically grown on site by myself so you know you can trust the quality always.          Our BTMR Yoni Bar aims to:

  • Helps to balance PH
  • Helps reduce irritation and itching
  • Restores Moisture
  • Helps to prevent BV & yeast infection
  • Assists with irregular and painful periods
  • Helps to eliminate odor
  • Assists with fertility
  • SLS Free 
  • SLES Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free

This product is for external use only. Colours and designs will vary from one bar to another due to the nature of production but the ingredients will remain the same. Whilst we are here to help with the unwanted side effects that occur in and around the yoni area, if your symptoms persist please seek professional help from a doctor. Please check the ingredients list to ensure that they are compatible for you to use them. 

Yoni Bar 5oz

  • Colours and designs will vary from soap to soap. The ingredients and great quality will always remain the same but the designs and colours will change.