The Queen Bee Kit

The Queen Bee Kit

Queen I definitely have you sorted! Everything you need to feel special and pampered daily without breaking the bank.

This amazing kit contains:

Yoni Bar x1

Yoni Oil x1

Exfoliating Mesh Pouch x1

Marshmallow Top To Toe x1

Bath Bomb x1

A Special Release Season Low Top Soap Bar x1

Tea Light Candle x1


All of these items are still available to purchase separately if you desire to try them individually before going all in or you simply just want to get your faves. 

  • Yoni Bar

    BTMR Yoni Bar is all natural and pure luxury care for your yoni. Stop using shop bought soaps and shower gels full of harmful chemicals that creates a horrible environment for your yoni. Keep your yoni sweet, balanced and cared for naturally. The aloe vera used in our bars are organically grown on site by myself so you know you can trust the quality always.         

    Our BTMR Yoni Bar aims to:

    • Helps to balance PH
    • Helps reduce irritation and itching
    • Restores Moisture
    • Helps to prevent BV & yeast infection
    • Assists with irregular and painful periods
    • Helps to eliminate odor
    • Assists with fertility
    • SLS Free 
    • SLES Free
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Cruelty Free

    This product is for external use only. Colours and designs will vary from one bar to another due to the nature of production but the ingredients will remain the same. Whilst we are here to help with the unwanted side effects that occur in and around the yoni area, if your symptoms persist please seek professional help from a doctor. Please check the ingredients list to ensure that they are compatible for you to use them. 

  • Yoni Oil

    This natural blend of oils is amazing for use around the vagina area. It is beneficial for the following:

    • Helps with vaginal dryness
    • Helps to add moisture around the vagina
    • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing
    • Relieves itching and discomfort from various symptoms
    • Helps with the healing process after child birth or even after painful sex


    Apply 3 drops of Back To My Roots Yoni Oil to your fingers and massage around the vagina. Do this process once or twice daily. Please do not put this oil inside the vagina and do not use as lubricant. For external use only.

    You may add a few drops of this oil to your bath water if you desire.

    Please check the ingredients list to ensure that they are compatible for you to use them. if you have any negative side effects please seek professional help from a doctor.

  • Marshmallow Top To Toe Moisturiser

    This fun, versatile and very light weight moisturiser can be used on any part of your body! It can be used as hair moisturiser, skin cream even as moisturiser for the lips. A little goes a long way so you only need a small amount which means that it will last you a very long time. Using all natural blends of oils and butters means it can be used on all skin and hair types. Our moisturiser can be used on babies, children and adults so the whole family can join in with the fun of velvety smooth skin. Whilst using this moisturiser you can also benefit from it's anti-inflammatory properties, significant levels of vitamins A & E, assistance in preventing acne, help with boosting collagen production, reduction of stretch marks and scarring, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, prevention of hair breakage, reduces dandruff, reduces and soothes eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis, helps to soothe, reduce the effects of sun burn and helps to even out your skin tone.

    All of these benefits packed in one jar!! Who said you needed a vanity table filled with different bottles, tubs and tubes?  

  • Bath Bomb

    Feel free to treat yourself and your loved ones with this amazing bath bomb handmade to order so you never have to worry about quality.

    Our bath bombs are made with a blend of oils and luxury ingredients sure to make your bath experience a relaxing one to remember. Just drop as many as you desire into your bath and watch them fizz into a whole other world of pure unique bliss.

    Fill your bath with water to desired level and temperature. Drop your bath bomb in and watch it fizz into action. 

    Please do not add any other products in with you bath bomb as it may cause irritation to the skin. When you are finished in the bath please be careful as our bath bombs contain oils to keep your skin feeling silky smooth.

  • Special Release Soap Bar

    Every month we have a special soap bar release designs will always change. More than one may be available in which case a random choice will be allocated. If you would like a specific design please leave a note and I will try my best to fill this requirement.  

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