This lovely pouch can be used as a storage option for your soap and you can use it to wash your skin whilst gently exfoliating. It has a handle which you can use to hang your soap in the shower for ease of storage and usage. This also helps with 0 waste as you can reuse these pouches and never loose out on any of your soap bar. These pouches come in different colours to brighten up the room. It should be suitable for use on all skin types. Please still check that it is suitable for the intended user. It can be quite annoying trying to hold a soap bar whilst you wash because it's slippery or even using the last small piece of your soap when it's near the end. I don't know about you, but soap dishes are not my favourite thing... has your soap looking like a mess and hardly anywhere convenient to store it. We got you covered with these life saving exfoliating pouches.Highly recommended if you are trying to use less soap on each bathroom visit. Thispouch helps to lather the bar quickly with minimal usage of your soap bar.

Soap Bar Gentle Exfoliating Mesh Pouch Soap Saver Bag