These gloves are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating all over the body in the shower or bath! They come as a matching pair and are available in many different colours. Not too rough or soft  on the skin for the perfect balance giving them the ability to give a nice exfoliation without scratching the skin off. Let's help our skin achieve that radiant glow it deserves.

One size fits all as they stretch to accommodate various hand shapes and sizes. Suitable for men, women and teenagers.

They also allow you to reduce soap wastage as you can apply the exact amount you would like and wash the skin confidently.

Shower Mits /Gloves Dead Skin Cells Remover

  • Due to the nature of this product unfortunately we cannot accept any returns on this item.

  • Please send a message letting us know if there is a colour you would rather not have. Due to the business being very busy and stock may not be available of a particular colour we pick colours at random and send them out in your orders.