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This bar does not contain fragrance. However, it has a lovely light natural scent which is slightly floral and earthy. 

Weight: Approximately 4oz (128g) All soaps are made and cut by hand, for that reason the overall weight may vary by a few grams.

About: Each soap is is hand made with love in small batches, labeled and wrapped by the owner of Back To My Roots. Every bar is checked before being sent to it's new home with you.

Storage & Usage: Keep your soap in a dry well ventilated area. The longer they are kept the better they perform and the longer your soap will last. If you would like you can use a soap pouch to store your soaps hassle free and keep them dry. We offer these soap pouches in two types of soap pouches available.  

My Time Artisan Soap Bar (Sea Moss & Spinach)

  • This product is for external use only. Colours and designs will vary from one bar to another due to the nature of production but the ingredients will remain the same. Please check the ingredients list to ensure that they are compatible for you to use them. 

  • Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Sea Moss, Spinach, Raspberry & lemon verbena

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