If you or someone you know are struggling to get your eczema under control or even clear up your skin this guide was created with you in mind. This guide is suitable for all ages and skin types. Listed are products that will definitely aid in this process down below. This is not for the intention of replacing any advise given to you by a doctor or other health care professional. Having helped so many individuals get their eczema under control and or clear their skin I feel it is only right to help many more. This is a document and products mentioned below will need to be purchased separately. Congratulations on taking that step to get the skin you deserve.


Suggested products for eczema (please DO NOT use with other brands for best result)

Please check all ingredients to ensure products are suitable for the person/s using them.

Shower Time:

  • Eczema Soap Bar
  • Turmeric, Oat & Shea Soap Bar
  • Charcoal, Cacao & Coconut Soap Bar
  • My Time Soap Bar
  • Delicate Love Soap Bar
  • Coffee & Lavender Soap Bar

Bath Time:

  • Oat So Simple Bath Bomb
  • Just Nuffin Bath Bomb (Coming Soon)
  • Tea Pot Bath Bomb (Coming Soon)

Scrub Away: (Do not use on broken skin.) Use if you want help to restore your skin tone or remove excess dead skin) 

  • Turmeric & Charcoal Sugar Scrub (Coming Soon)

Moisturise That Skin:

  • Moisture Plus Moisturiser
  • Yoni Oil (I know!! This oil blend is very beneficial for eczema proned skin)


How to control & clear eczema document

  • This guide is not to replace any advise given to an individual by a medical professional. It is a general information guide to help manage and clear eczema with the fact that everyones skin is different and requires different treatment. If symptoms still remain after trying these methods then you may need to consider seeing a doctor if you haven't already to establish if you may have a possible underlying health condition unknown to yourself.