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This natural Cleanse & Refresh soap bar is made with a tonne load of skin loving, beneficial ingredients. Made with a blend of essential oils, charcoal, beetroot, bentonite clay, menthol and much more you are definitely in for an amazing cleanse whilst having that luxury silky feel to your skin afterward. The Cleanse & Refresh Soap Bar can be used on the face and body for the family. It is a great contender if you are suffering from acne and other conditions which are caused by blockage of the pores. Even if you do a lot of physical activity and want to feel fresh and relaxed this is for you. 

Cleanse & Refresh Artisan Soap Bar

  • This product is for external use only. Colours and designs will vary from one bar to another due to the nature of production but the ingredients will remain the same. Please check the ingredients list to ensure that they are compatible for you to use them. 

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